Above and Beyond: Dan Graham's Moca Retrospective

written by Lane Barden
There is a consistent thread of peripatetic generosity in this show that addresses a rambling, surprising range of subjects including punk rock, architecture, public space, subject-object relationships, time, Dean Martin, media, theater, corporate design, Reichian Therapy, site specificity and Jimmy Carter. If this were a guy on the street saying all this while you were waiting for a cab in New York, you would fall into one of two groups — the one who would stick around and see what the guy had to say, or be the one who gets into the first cab.

Playing It Safe: NEA limits Obama's recovery money to previous grantees

written by Mark Cromer
One of the mysteries surrounding the nearly trillion-dollar economic "recovery" bill that Congress and President Obama pushed through in February was the $50 million that was earmarked for the arts. Not even a drop in the proverbial bucket, this line item looked more like a calculated insult by the perennial "no tax dollars for the arts" caucus — a thin dime cynically tossed into the cup of the National Endowment for the Arts as they rolled the wheelbarrows full of cash right by them and into the vaults of the corporate robber barons.
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