Public Relations — Creative Time's Anne Pasternak Engages In Give-And-Take With Artists

by Carole Nicksin
"We ask artists to do something they've never done before, and we want projects to be something we've never done before, either," says Anne Pasternak, the president, artistic director and indomitable spirit guide of New York City's Creative Time, a nonprofit dedicated to funding public art projects. "That way, we're all learning, breaking down boundaries and experimenting."

Art & Commerce
Jonathan Parker's (Untitled) Gets it Right

by Scarlet Cheng
What a colorful, convoluted and drama-laced universe, the Art World. Whenever art, talent and high-mindedness get mixed up with marketing, mystique and lucre, there's backstabbing, desperation and hokum. I often wonder why there aren't more depictions of this hothouse world in film or television.

Art by the Book
Gallery Advice from New York Art Dealer Edward Winkleman

by John Haber
I can hardly imagine starting a successful gallery. It takes thinking about money and the long haul, when you would rather be thinking about art.

Private Views
Bay Area Residential and Itinerant Galleries

by Anuradha Vikram
The San Francisco Bay Area art scene has long been supported by experimental, artist-run galleries. Sometimes they occupy unlikely locales, such as commercial gallery Ratio3 started in a San Francisco apartment; performance and machine art collective The Shipyard, set in disused shipping containers near the Berkeley bay shore; 667 Shotwell, running since 2001 in artist Chris Sollars' apartment; and San Francisco Recycling and Disposal's artist-in-residence program, have become local fixtures.
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