Bring it On Home: Los Angeles Art Outside the White Cube

written by Anne Martens
AN under-recognized paradigm of exhibiting art has cropped up in cities, including Los Angeles, in which intimate settings — homes — are open to the public. Whether held in apartments, houses, garages or yards, they are as incomparable in spirit as the people who run them. Most highlight the opening event and are otherwise accessible by appointment only. Often, people find out in 21st-century fashion, via e-mail or social media sites.

The Legend of Lee Reynolds: The Most Famous Artist You've Never Heard Of

written by Frank Rodriguez
TEN years ago, I was driving down Venice Boulevard one morning, late to work as usual, when I spotted a large modern artwork among the bric-a-brac in front of a thrift store. It's got to be a poster, I thought as I circled the block. But no, it was a framed abstract oil painting with an oversized, stylized signature in the upper right corner that said REYNOLDS.
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